We are sorry, no further bookings can be made for Meeline Station during our open months of July and August.  Please direct any enquiries to karenmorrisseymeeline@gmail.com

Q: How long does it take to get from Perth to Meeline
A: From Perth it takes roughly 6 hours travelling across the Wheat Belt to Wubin. We are then 265 km north of Wubin (2 1/2 hour drive time) to the Meeline Hstd turn off on the Narndee Rd. We are about 52km in on the Narndee Rd, which will take you about 35 – 45  minutes , depending on road conditions. Please note that the name Narndee Road is taken from a property south of Meeline – please don’t confuse the southern entry (which has the sign Narndee Hstd) with the entry described here, which is further to the north and has Meeline Hstd at the entry.

Q: Do we need to book ahead ?
A: Bookings well in advance are essential.

Q: Is Meeline accessible towing a caravan?
A: Meeline is not generally recommended for caravan travellers, as we specialise in group bookings (minimum cottage booking)  and do not offer facilities for caravans – however, if your group has a trailer, this can access Meeline, however please  keep informed about road conditions in case there have been road wash outs after storms.

Q: Do you have powered camp sites?
A: No we don’t. Bookings are made for the station homestead, cottage and quarters – with the option to take the beds out under the stars.

Q: Do you have Air Conditioning?
A: We don’t have any air conditioning on the station. When our station homestead was built last century, they didn’t have air conditioning either, and this meant that it was designed for solar passive cooling and energy efficiency (long before these things became fashionable). We promote the fact that we offer a genuinely Australian experience which will help our guests understand the realities of Australian station life.

Q: Are you pet friendly?
A: While we love animals, unfortunately we can’t welcome your pets.

Q: What happens if Meeline gets rain prior to my arrival?
A: Unfortunately adverse weather conditions are just part and parcel with living in the outback! We will do our best to give you adequate warning or notice for wet weather forecasts and deposits are fully refundable for road closures. However please do not ask us to predict the weather as this is something that we cannot do!

If you are traveling to Meeline Station Stay, please contact us or the Shire of Mt Magnet office (08) 9963 3000 before setting out, to confirm whether the road is open to traffic.

Q: Is there fuel for sale in the local region?
A: No, the closest fuel to Meeline is 84km away in Mount Magnet so please fuel up before arrival.  We only keep a limited amount of fuel and no extra fuel is kept on Meeline.

Q: Is there somewhere that we can buy a few provisions such as groceries or ice?
A: The nearest grocery or general store is also 84km away in Mount Magnet so please make sure that you have provisions with you before you arrive at Meeline. Once you settle in, we encourage you to enjoy a trip to town and our local shops and businesses.

Q: Is there mobile phone service at Meeline.
A: There is no mobile phone coverage for at least 30 – 50km in any given direction from Meeline.

Q: Do I need a 4WD to get to Meeline Station?
A: No, you do not need a 4×4 vehicle, most of the Meeline – Narndee Road is graded making it accessible to those in a 2WD. It is advised that you allow a little extra travel time if travelling in a 2WD vehicle (extra 15-20 mins), and that you take your time in arriving.